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Seventy-five percent of visitors to rural Alaska find places to stay, things to do and items to buy through Internet searches.* For Bristol Bay businesses, having an attractive, easy-to-find web page or site is an important marketing tool. However, very few Bristol Bay businesses have websites. Also, nowhere on the Internet is there a region-wide website that offers information about
all the places, activities, businesses and attractions of the beautiful Bristol Bay region.

The Visit Bristol Bay website was begun as a pilot project to demonstrate the power of cooperative marketing, regional branding and attractive website design for Bristol Bay.  It is also intended to show how local businesses can quickly, easily and affordably create an attractive web page that will sell their services.

This project was initially funded by Bristol Bay Native Corporation and the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development’s "Developing Alaska Rural Tourism" program through a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.  Implemented by Agnew::Beck as part of this Bristol Bay Regional Branding project, it is hoped that the Visit Bristol Bay website will grow in partnership with local businesses, village corporations, local government and regional organizations.

Other specific intents of this site include:

  • make it easier for local businesses to have their own web page
  • make it easier for local businesses to be found by potential clients during Internet searches
  • be a site that represents businesses and attractions throughout the region
  • build the “brand image” of Bristol Bay
  • share marketing costs
  • in the future, have the ability to offer online booking and other helpful visitor-related services

If you are interested in supporting the development of this site, or would like to find out about the cost of a web page for your business, email Agnew::Beck.

* A Profile of Visitors to Rural Alaska and the Western Alaska Region, McDowell Group