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Ronnie and Betty Lind

P.O. Box 24
Karluk, AK 99608

phone 907.241.2226

The best way to reach R and B River Front Lodge is to give them a call.

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R and B
River Front Lodge

Betty Lind revels in the “gorgeous green paradise” of summer in Karluk, where sloping hillsides drop into the waters of the Karluk River and the Shelikoff Strait surrounding R and B River Front Lodge. The Alutiiq fishing village sits on the west coast of Kodiak Island, 88 air miles southwest of the town of Kodiak and about 300 miles away from Anchorage.
The lodge, open from June through September, rests on a spit of land dividing the two waterways which are thronging with salmon at the height of the fishing season. Betty and her husband Ronny converted the village’s old elementary schoolhouse and opened the doors to their fishing lodge in 2001. The lodge houses six people in three bedrooms with a shared kitchen, living spaces, bathrooms, laundry facilities, television and microwave. Room rates include three home-cooked meals each day.
R and B features homey accommodations and hints of décor that reflect their Russian Aleut heritage. Betty’s family has lived in Karluk for four generations and subsisted off the area’s fish. The couple has welcomed visitors from Germany, Italy, California, Florida, Ohio, and as Betty says, “we’re people-people.”

Guided Fishing:

Ronny’s been fishing for 35 years and now owns four Lund skiffs to float visitors searching for King, Silver, Pink and Red salmon in the Karluk River, which Fish Alaska Magazine calls the the “Green Goddess.”  Ronny can help you pluck halibut or cod from the deeper waters of the chilly strait and he also leads duck and deer hunts. The lodge offers plenty of freezer space for your freshly harvested fish and game. Bring your camera to capture the area’s fox, rabbit, ptarmigan and bear, which Betty says, can occasionally be spotted sauntering along village roads.

Rates are per person, including all meals, and pick-up service at the village’s airstrip. Guiding services are offered separately:

  • In June and July: $1,500 per week (from Saturday to Saturday), $240 per night.
  • In August and September: $2,000 per week (from Saturday to Saturday), $400 per night.