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Visit Bristol Bay!

Togiak Outfitters

Togiak Outfitters is fully qualified to lead you through the waters of Bristol Bay and guide you to the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary or Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. We work with adventure-seeking travelers, the commercial fishing fleet, cultural and historic enthusiasts, and photographers. Owner, boat operator and your guide, Paul Markoff, is native to Alaska. Paul is remarkably knowledgeable of the Bristol Bay waters, Togiak’s culture and the region’s birds, sea life, wildlife and physical environment. Click here to read an article written by photographer Lee Rentz about his trip to Round Island with Togiak Outfitters.

Togiak is located at the southern edge of the TogiakNational Wildlife Refuge, a wilderness area established to conserve fish and wildlife populations, protect habitats in their natural diversity, provide the opportunity for continued subsistence uses, and ensure necessary water quality. The Refuge is rich in cultural history, provides unique wildlife observations, photography and interpretive and environmental education programs. The area is popular among hunters and anglers alike and is home to caribou, moose, brown bears, wolves, various waterfowl, salmon and trout species as well as migrating sea birds and whales in the early spring.

Togiak is also the closest Bristol Bay village to the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, a group of seven craggy islands and their adjacent waters – world famous for its unique summer concentrations of walruses. Also found on the islands are Stellar sea lions, Harbor seals, humpback, orca and gray whales, and more than 100 bird species including horned and tufted puffins, common murres, pelagic cormorants and black-legged kittiwakes.

Guided Fishing

  • King Salmon sport fishing, Togiak River
    2008 season: last 2 weeks of June through the first two weeks of July
  • Silver Salmon sport fishing, Togiak River
    2008 season: last 2 weeks of August through the first 2 weeks of September
  • Trout fishing, Togiak Lake
    2008 season: 3rd week of June through September

Transportation and outfitting equipment is provided for all fishing trips. For hunting and fishing regulations, please visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's website and click on Refuges and Sanctuaries.

Eco-tourism & Camping

Togiak Outfitters offers day and overnight trips to Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Maritime National Refuge to include Hagemeister Island, Asigyukpak Spit, Cape Peirce and other scenic areas near Togiak. The options are endless! Our trips vary from hiking the hills outside of Togiak to taking a boat to the various islands and remote points along the coast. Activities include beach walking, hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, photography and fishing. We can customize a trip to your party size, interests and allotted time. Contact us for more information and rates.

Cultural Tours & Local Artists

Our three-hour cultural tour takes you by ATV throughout the community of Togiak to visit with local artists and learn how traditional arts and crafts are made. Depending on the season, a Native dance demonstration may be presented. Tours cost $20 per person.

Marine Transportation

Togiak Outfitters is fully licensed, insured and US Coast Guard approved. Our most popular marine transportation is to the Walrus Islands, home of the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary. If you want to go and come back in one day, this trip takes 12 hours round trip from Togiak (because of dramatic low and high tides). Transportation to Round Island is $1100 per person. Please contact us for rates to other islands in the Sanctuary or surrounding area. Click here for travel tips for Round Island visitors.

Freight Charters

Freight charters and marine transportation are available to the commercial fishing fleet. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Mission Statement

“We are in the outfitting business. To us, an outfitter in the wilds and isolation of Alaska provides you with not only the equipment for your adventure, but the resources and ideas for the direction of your visit. We service those needs out of Togiak. There is no one better equipped, more knowledgeable or more experienced. We will let you know of some of the opportunities and resources that are available in the Togiak area and help you in putting your travel package together.”